You don’t have to know where you are going
Just where you want to be

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So blessed to live here

You are almost back
Queue heart attack

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reblog if you post poetry

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My eyes long to see you
My ears desire to hear you
My hands miss touching you
My soul misses connecting with you
My feet miss walking beside you

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I’m writing a poem about a girl called Beth today,

when she walks into the club she takes everyones breath away.

All the boys say she is a 10 out of 10, 

they ask for her name and she whispers “Miss Lauren.”

She likes books and travel and art and making bread,

with eyes of dark hazel and lips of rose red.


I know I don’t know much but
I know a man feels many things
Its a fleeting urge to run
Like a bird floating on a summer breeze
Like the sounds of a train if you are listening
It just fades in
It dissapears

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