The sun follows you where ever you step
Rays bursting through the dirt
Illuminating your path
Bouncing across the walls of the canyon
While I remain sinking in the endless rain
The monsoon drowning my calls for you
Water seeps to my very core
Bringing chills to my soul
Miles in between
I see you leave like lightning
Before I hear your goodbye like thunder

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In shadow
wildremedyforinsomnia: Your willingness to call out males and cliche tumblrs on their shit. Namely, "If Men were Women", the post about the friend zone, and the photo of the chalk on the sidewalk posts, which were all pretty recent on your blog, so they caught my eye. And are no way to win a popularity contest by the way. Particularly in a place like this. Which is why I started reading more of your personally authored stuff. You seem smart and snappy, you're opinionated and have a voice. And that is intriguing.

I love this. Finding a community that believes in expressing your opinions and not giving a shit what other people think.


Why are we blaming social media for people’s lack of social skills

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Mother fucking anons need to stop ( but not really because I love you) my head is going to be the size of a watermelon by the time you are done.


Distance separated us.
Once reunited I crumbled.
A few words uttered
The smile crept in
I then read that poem as if it was to you.
My dreams were deferred as you paid no attention to my carefully chosen words.
I played it off.
No harm
No foul.
Yet I made a play for you to listen and you simply sat on the sidelines.
No remarks
No eyes
No smile
I knew if you could appreciate my words you can’t appreciate me.

So much has changed

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Anonymous: You seem like the stuff of my dreams. Very intelligent and still outstandingly funny and clever. I'm terrified and enthralled. I think you won't even be impressed by thus, my genuine attempt at impressing you. Thanks for the like by the way, I'm glad to have stumbled on to your blog. This in response to your call for anon thoughts.

Why anon why? I am heartbreakingly curious as to your identity. Your words are unbelievably kind! I am glad you stumbled upon my blog as well.



Ignore my awkward face. I love this quote with every fiber of my being.
Fate: Given, Earned or Stolen?


Allowing yourself to get so wrapped up in a certain idea, thought, or person is extremely scary. Being able to convince yourself that whatever means you took to get what you thought was destiny is somehow excusable because you were merely following you predestined future. Fate is a magnificent…

I wrote this such a long time ago and I figured some of you might find it interesting

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im really into this please do this

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I find it funny when I post something sassy and people unfollow me

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Ha ha ha …cute…the basic side of tumblr is invading the real world in the form of sidewalk chalk

After 30 mins of silence your fake smile trips down the stairs.
For you cannot afford the time it would take to commit to that anger.
You tear the flesh off my body with your talons then circle around to make sure I am too week to go on.
Predator and prey
All that remains is a skeleton of myself for you could not allow any other pieces of my dignity to remain.
All of my character torn away the ligaments,the muscle, and the veins gone
Just an outline left on the cement burning with each passing hour.
A reminder to all those in your territory of who is
The predator
The prey

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There are moments in everyone’s life that they will be considered not good enough.
Don’t you believe that for one fucking second.
When they tell you that you don’t love them because you cannot fulfill their unreasonable standards do not blink before you know that is a God Damn lie.
You are more than the pieces of yourself you give away.
Value is not determined in the way you make others feel.
They are in control of themselves.
Before you get taken down by a wave you cannot fight remember that you are valued for simply being yourself
Learn to swim on your own and then find someone who is willing to go on the journey with you.
The wind in your sails
The anchor to your vessel.

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